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HEALING A BROKEN MARRIAGE - Christian Speaker & Author, Deborah Ross

"This woman is VERY good. Her teachings are spiritual, scriptural, and CONVICTING!!!"
* Melissa Prince - The Inspirational Network (INSP)
"Our church recently hosted Jay and Deborah Ross for a "Healthy Marriage Conference" weekend...it was amazing! We would pursue them again, without hesitation, in order to have more couples involved."
*Paul M Saleeby
Pastor, Benton Heights Presbyterian Church (Monroe, NC)
"I finished your book on yesterday……..I can't put into words the message behind your book…..Your transparency about your marriage and life is truly a testimony to how awesome God is! Your book has helped me to reevaluate some things in my own marriage………because I have experienced just about every emotion there is…….from happiness, pain, joy, anger, bitterness, and the list goes on……but truly Love never fails!  Thank you for blessing us with the Word on last Saturday, we were truly blessed!"
* Amethra Crawford, Women's Ministry Director / Harvest Ministries  Church / Wadesboro, NC

"Deborah, I ordered the e-book version for my Kindle and just finished reading it last night.  I was truly blown away by your testimony of faith and determination.  I had no idea what all you and Jay had been through.  My marriage is loving and solid (we have had our rocky times over the years, mind you), but I still got so much from the book - your thoughts on prayer, staying in The Word, etc...a great encouragement to ANYONE, regardless of the status of their marital relationship, or their walk with the Lord.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it, and will recommend to others."

* God bless you,   Denise Plemons Everett, NC  


"Thank you so much.  I am still  healing from my husband's affair from 2 ½ yrs ago.  It gets better with the grace of God.  I have read your book and it is excellent.  I know that my marriage will  continue to be restored."
* Robin Hancox - Missouri
"As I was sitting at home alone one Saturday afternoon I decided to pick up the book "Healing a Broken Marriage". As I start to read in Chapter 3 I find myself not really saved in the blood of Christ. Please note with all this being said, I wasn't a bad person, I loved my family unconditionally, I went to church on Sunday's, I had a Sunday School class and my wife thought nothing was wrong at all. My kids loved there daddy just how he was and all this time I thought everything was just fine. As I continued to read the book in Chapter 3 I was touched like I have never been touched before. I dropped that book, fell to my knees and started praying the forgiving prayer I needed in my life. Can I just say from that day my life has not been the same. I am now a child of the Lord and I have ETERNAL LIFE and my name has been written in the BOOK of LIFE. As soon as I was done I couldn't wait to call my wife, (as she was out to eat with the kids and a friend) and tell her the awesome news. I started out with I love you so much and just want you to know I just received Christ as my personal SAVIOR. As she screams in my ear...."What are you talking about I thought you were already saved"?  I responded with a ME TOO but this time is the real deal. For the conclusion of the story, please if you ever have time to read this book get it. I have been so blessed by the words and scripture in this book. I have been reading my Bible and loving like I have never loved before. I pray for every lost soul each and every day. May God bless you as he has Blessed ME!!!!!!!!"
*Jason Townsend - NC
"I got up early this morning and read your book cover to cover...well almost!! A few pages at the end I will finish later today.  It touched my heart in some ways that are hard to explain. Like a war hero meeting another war hero....there is a bonding that spontaneously happens without you really being aware it.  It has stirred my mind and my heart in many ways.............thank you"
*Robin LeClair / Washington State
"Deborah, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your book.  I could not put it down once I started.  Also, I would like to tell you how much it helped me in a trial I was going through at that time.  I am not married so I was not trying to heal a Broken Marriage although I wish I had this book over 10 years ago.  When I started reading your book I was going through a very difficult time on my job.  Your book ministered to me even in that area of my life.  Particular I wanted to mention your prayer "God give me the strength to endure and the courage to overcome."  That was my prayer all week last week.  I cannot tell you how much that helped me get through a very difficult time.  Thank you so much for your encouraging words and I wish you much success with your book and your ministry."                                                                                                                                                                               *Your friend in Christ, Debra McCorkle (Indian Trail, NC)
"Healing a Broken Marriage," is a penetrating and poignant book about healing of a broken heart as well as a broken marriage. Deborah tenderly, truthfully and tediously shares about her personal and profound journey of pain and recovery in a modern day marriage. Her touching story unfolds amidst a powerhouse of Scriptural instruction, comfort and direction. The revelation that she shares of God's plans and principles, regardless of trials and failures, is an inspiration to any person; those who are married, those who are contemplating marriage, and those who may be picking up the pieces of a shattered marriage. Thoughtfully and purposefully written, she proves that miracles still happen." *Patricia Shankle, Pastor

"Your words were so encouraging to me. You have no idea how I needed to read this again tonight. I pray that your book makes to the hands of men and women all over the world who need to read your testimony. Our God is amazing!  Thank you sister. xoxo's"

*Sincerely, Lisa Colon , Texas, Psalm 40:1-3

"Glory to God! Thank you so much for your ministry. I am reading your book for a second time this week, and I have been passing it along to many friends going through similar situations. I have been searching for a book like yours for many years, and I know the Lord waited until just recently to reveal it to me. Your situation is so similar to mine, and while I was reading it I was just weeping and praising God. I needed so badly to hear someone say that God really is who He says He is. I am in a conservative church right now that doesn't truly believe in the amazing power of God! I believe my miracle is close, and I will definitely be letting you (and the rest of the world!) know when it does."


- Brooke Saltsman - Hawaii
"Deborah Ross is ranked high in Chrisitan Authors who speak the truth in love. Healing a Broken Marriage by Christian Speaker and Author, Deborah Ross is listed as 'books everyone should read.'" 
- Annonymous
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